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Client Area

Your files may be securely uploaded to us from this page.
Please contact me via email or voice mail for your password.


1) Click the "Click Here to Upload Your File(s)" button

2) Youíre at the Password page. Enter the password I gave you. Then click the Login button.

3) Youíre now on the Upload page. Click the Browse button, select the sound file you want us to transcribe, and click the Begin Upload button. You can upload another sound file at this time or wait until your first one is finished uploading.

4) You will next get an Upload in Progress box, then the Upload window with a dialog box which will walk you through it all. A progress bar at the top shows the percentage uploaded. Itíll also give you the size of the sound file, and show how much has been uploaded, how long itís going to take and how long itís already taken. Please donít close the Upload window until the sound file has been completely uploaded.

5) Note that wav, wma and some large mp3 sound files may take longer than youíd think. Generally speaking, an hour of wav will take half an hour to upload. Smaller mp3 files wonít take long at all.

6) When the progress bar hits 100% and your sound file is fully uploaded, you may get a message in the dialog box that the server is processing the sound file and asking that you wait a few moments before closing.

7) When everything is finished, youíll be told that ďYour upload is complete.Ē At this point, you can upload another file by clicking the Return to Upload Page link or you can close the window. Iíll be notified by the program that a sound file is waiting.